Our HSE Policy
The Management and Staff of Mr. Green Landscape L.L.C. are committed to:
  • Ensure safety and welfare of our staff and the protection of our assets.
  • Prevent adverse impact on the environment as a result of our actions.
  • Comply with all relevant Health, Safety and Environmental laws and regulations of UAE that applies to our operations.
We are committed to achieve this by:
  • Establishing and maintaining documented Health, Safety and Environmental.
  • Management System (HSEMS) that will meet International Standards.
  • Ensuring that the (HSEMS) procedures are implemented successfully.
  • Providing the necessary resources for the implementation of the Management System.
  • Communicating the company‚Äôs HSE Policy and Objectives to all our Employees, Clients and Suppliers.
  • Ensuring the Management commitment to the HSEMS.