Maintenance Services

Annual Maintenance Contract for Landscaping Works, Irrigation System & Swimming Pools.
Including the following items:

  1. Mowing the grass & shrubs
  2. Trimming the trees
  3. Fertilization
  4. Disease & Weed control
  5. Pruning
  6. Removing of dead material
  7. Soil testing
  8. Checking / Repairing the Irrigation System
  9. Indoor plant maintenance
Our Vision is to provide best landscaping maintenance services:

We Prune, Thin and Shape the trees and plants according to standard horticultural practice.
All our Works will be performed to the best recognized practice & to the satisfaction of the owner.
The Landscaped areas will be controlled by our experienced staff.
Our Horticulturists / Agricultural Engineer will inspect the landscaped area to make sure the services are done satisfactorily.
Landscaped areas will be provided with Fertilizers and Manures.
Landscaped areas will be cleaned from litters and debris and the same will be shifted outside the premises.

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